What I learnt from my parents when they plant the seed of love.

Remember there was a time back in college in China I tried millions of interviews so that I could earn some extra money from part-time working. I interviewed to be a barista in Starbucks, but was told that working part-time as a barista is not enough reason to part-timely work there plus my major of study was geography, how could I even dare to attempt to part-timely work for somewhere that wasn’t even remote to my major? Thank you Starbucks for revealing me how incompetent I was just to become a barista. Now when people asking what my job is, they always seem surprised being a geography majored student, I am a web developer — what are the odds? I rarely tell people I have a hobby of writing code since college. Maybe a hobby doesn’t have to be a major if one just likes to keep it as simple as it is a hobby, and maybe it can also be one’s job.

In China, the chances of finding a part-time job from outside of school if one doesn’t like to be a full-time restaurant server are very small. Until one time a really good opportunity presented itself to me when I waited at a bus stop checking out some posts — Get $100 a day for being an extra actor in some local tv shooting set. The only requirement was an audition photo album for casting, but I had to do it there and that cost $200. That wasn’t easy money for me to get as I was trying to make some money instead of spending some. I turned to my dear parents and shared them with my wish for their support, especially financially. They tried their best to tell me it just seemed to be a con as the only requirement was a set of photos which I had to pay. Knowing that there was a risk for the casting agency being a con, my parents still financially supported me and wished me good luck for the audition after I strongly expressed my determination on this whole thing. You all guessed right — it was a con. I hated that con group so much that I thought about a millions of ways to have my revenge, but that is not the take-away for parenting we are talking about here.

As a single child in my family, I have been overly spoiled with love and money even when my parents had a hard time to support the family. One might think why would my parents even financially support me and see their hard-working money being wasted in a con-like audition? Instead of supporting me financially, they could have told me to make my own money to get the audition. I felt so bad that I cost so much money from my parents which they worked and saved really hard to earn. That kind of love weights more than money to me I take as a precious memory. Overtime, I lost all my hatred to the con artist, and understood the love and lesson I learnt not just from the con but also from my parents — doing the best we can as parents to give space and opportunities(To be clear it has NOTHING to do with money) for our children to grow even knowing sometime they will fail, but water them with hope and trust, and then the deepest love will grow even stronger.

Zhenyang Hua

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Ohio, US
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